2 easy gluten-free breakfast options

gluten-free breakfast - ByMeryl

Living gluten-free has really gotten me into experimenting in the kitchen. Where I was usually the yoghurt and granola for breakfast type, I recently brought some variety into my breakfast routine with these 2 easy gluten-free recipes. A little heads up they are no groundbreaking new recipes but they involve very few ingredients and only take about 5 minutes and that’s what we’re looking for in our busy morning routines, right? View Post

Italy on my mind (the Florence guide)

The Florence Guide - ByMeryl

As part of our Italian roadtrip my boyfriend and I decided to pay Florence (also known as Firenze) a visit. Florence wasn’t really on our radar so we went there without any expectations. The only reason why we planned a few days in Florence was the fact that my boyfriend really wanted to eat a bistecca alla fiorentina, or in other words a huge steak from a specific type of cow (not kidding). Sometimes the trips you plan without expectations turn out to be the best ones, because we thoroughly enjoyed our stay and all the amazing food places Florence has to offer. I hope you enjoy reading our recommendations in this Florence guide. View Post

Motivational podcasts you need to listen to!

Motivational podcasts you need to listen to - ByMeryl

Podcasts don’t get enough credit in my opinion. I personally am a big fan and love listening to them while I work, clean, cook, workout, remove my make-up; basically all the time. I love how they can bring inspiration or fun to your day without taking up any extra time (YES for multitasking). If you are looking for some great motivational podcasts? then please read along.  View Post

Fast fashion; tips to make more sustainable fashion choices

sustainable fashion - ByMeryl

Fast fashion has been a hot topic recently. The rate at which we go through clothes seems to be taking a toll on the environment. Now I am not claiming to be an expert on environmental problems nor do I claim to live my life as green as possible and yes I love fashion and buying new clothes. I do however have been trying to make more sustainable fashion choices on my shopping sprees. With these three simple tips I try to make a difference and so can you! View Post

And then you have Celiac disease

Celiac disease - ByMeryl

By the title you can probably already guess that this post is going to be on Celiac disease, which I was diagnosed with 3 months ago. I have been wanting to write about it for a while but I found it hard to find the right tone, not to down, not to upbeat (because then I would be pretending I am already okay with it), informative and still personal. I decided not to pressure myself into writing a proper post but just to focus on my story and advice, so be warned for a messy post.
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