New in beauty: Eye Colour Creams by & Other Stories

eye colour cream - ByMeryl

A couple weeks ago a new & Othter Stories newsletter popped-up in my mailbox featuring the launch of their new make-up products. Now I don’t tend to read newsletters but my commute to work and the stunning artwork won me over. I watched a tutorial with the new eye colour creams and was seriously impressed. Later that week I was in a treat yourself kind of mood and decided to pick up two of the three new eye colour creams.

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Feeling confident in your skin (body-confidence)

Body confidence - ByMeryl

I feel like body confidence is something we all struggle with from time to time, especially now that the warmer seasons are coming. In winter cozy sweaters and scarfs provide the much-needed comfort but now that the more revealing items hit the stores I always find the need to turn a mental switch.

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February is for self-love!

February is for self love - ByMeryl

Even though I am nowhere near finished with the capsule wardrobe content I started in January, we are already nearing the end of February. Although it took me a while to write another post I did choose a new area as part of my happiness project to focus on this month and that’s self-love.

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New in my skincare routine

new skincare - ByMeryl

Where 16-year-old me was really into make-up, 26-year-old me is really into skincare. I’ve had the same skincare routine for about two years but recently I felt the itch to try out some new products.

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Easy steps for a wardrobe declutter

Wardrobe declutter - ByMeryl

Decluttering your wardrobe is one of those weird tasks. One that you postpone for months but when you finally commit to it, it can be something exciting. Although in the end it still usually is a lot of work. I personally declutter my wardrobe at least twice a year and have developed a system that works well for me. Today I am sharing some of the steps that might make the process easier for you as well.

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