New in my skincare routine

new skincare - ByMeryl

Where 16-year-old me was really into make-up, 26-year-old me is really into skincare. I’ve had the same skincare routine for about two years but recently I felt the itch to try out some new products.

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Easy steps for a wardrobe declutter

Wardrobe declutter - ByMeryl

Decluttering your wardrobe is one of those weird tasks. One that you postpone for months but when you finally commit to it, it can be something exciting. Although in the end it still usually is a lot of work. I personally declutter my wardrobe at least twice a year and have developed a system that works well for me. Today I am sharing some of the steps that might make the process easier for you as well.

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My happiness project for 2019

My happiness project for 2019 - ByMeryl

Happy 2019! By now you have probably scrolled by or read countless resolution post for the new year. Well this year I’ve decided to do things differently, no goals or resolutions for the new year for me. This year I am going for a happiness project instead.

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Setting your Christmas table (budget friendly)

Setting your Christmas table - ByMeryl

Are you hosting Christmas but have you lost track of time due to work and all the Christmas shopping? These last minute decoration tips will help you create a beautiful Christmas table setting, without last minute shopping stress and breaking the bank.

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36 hours in Paris in pictures

Paris in pictures - ByMeryl

Paris is always a good idea, right? That’s why two weekends ago I went there on a quick getaway. We went there Saturday morning with the Thalys and left Sunday evening. It was just a short trip but I left feeling extremely inspired. So here’s a recap of 36 hours in Paris in pictures.
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