My May Goals

My May Goals - ByMeryl

May is one of my favorite months, the weather is slowly improving and the longer days really increase my productivity. May is going to be a busy month, in which I find myself traveling every other weekend. That’s why my May goals are all about keeping me grounded.

Take some me-time

In busy periods I tend to focus on everything but myself. I often can’t find time to work-out, blog or just do something relaxing. To protect myself I pre-booked some workout classes and planned an eyebrow and nail appointment (which is not something I usually do). Sometimes you just need to recharge, right?

Finish decorating the bedroom

The bedroom is one of those rooms that we decorated partially, but completely neglected once we started on bigger projects like the living room. This month I am planning to change this by giving the bedroom some TLC. The H&M home just released an amazing natural collection, which, fits our style perfectly. There might be a haul coming to the blog soon.

Get our finances in check

April was the month in which we really made some progress with planning our big American road trip for later this summer. The flights and some amazing accommodations are booked but my bank account needs some new fuel. That’s why I want to save some extra money this month and try to keep our expenses in check. I might make some posts about my finance tips and personal saving experience soon.

Did you set any goals for May?

Love, Meryl