My happiness project for 2019

My happiness project for 2019 - ByMeryl

Happy 2019! By now you have probably scrolled by or read countless resolution post for the new year. Well this year I’ve decided to do things differently, no goals or resolutions for the new year for me. This year I am going for a happiness project instead.

The idea came to mind after reading “the happiness project” by Gretchen Ruben. She decided to start a one year happiness project tackling different areas in her life, every single month. Not that she was unhappy, on the contrary she used to project to become happier but also to appreciate things more, which is exactly the way I look at it.

Gretchen’ project was extremely inspiring but the time she dedicated towards it, is a bit too much for me at the moment. That’s why I am starting a simplified happiness project with just one area or goal to focus on every single month. Another thing I am doing differently, is that I am focusing my project largely on my health. 2018 wasn’t a good year on the health front and I am planning to turn this around now that I am slowly starting to feel better and adjust to the gluten-free lifestyle.

My January happiness project

Since January is always a bit of a hectic month I wanted to start with something small but useful. That’s why in January I will focus on organizing my clothing storage and trying a capsule wardrobe but more on that will soon follow.

Did you set any resolutions or goals?

Love, Meryl