Feeling confident in your skin (body-confidence)

Body confidence - ByMeryl

I feel like body confidence is something we all struggle with from time to time, especially now that the warmer seasons are coming. In winter cozy sweaters and scarfs provide the much-needed comfort but now that the more revealing items hit the stores I always find the need to turn a mental switch.

At the beginning of February I went on a family holiday to Curacao to celebrate my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. A lovely occasion and something I was really looking forward to. Although this also meant that the whole “body confidence switch” had to be turned sooner than I expected. Usually this would really freak me out but I decided to stick to my self-love guidelines and not let it bother me. I decided to focus on spending quality time with my parents, which leads me to my first tip:

Body confidence - ByMeryl

Focus on what’s really important

Although your appearance is important, there are thing that are way more important. That’s why I decided to focus on the fact that I was able to enjoy an amazing holiday with my parents instead of the way I looked. Sometimes we just need to put things into perspective.

Wear clothes that you feel confident in

Clothing makes all the difference. When you feel comfortable in the clothes you wear you will also feel more confident in your skin. One thing I would constantly worry about before going on vacation was wearing swimwear. Now that bathing suits and high wasted bikini bottoms are back into style, that problem is solved. The little extra fabric they provide is enough to make me feel comfortable and actually enjoy wearing them. I am especially impressed by the new Hunkemoller swimwear collection in which I found the adorable bathing suit you see in the pictures. The collection is filled with mix and match swimwear items that are suitable for almost every size.

Don’t compare yourself to others

My last tip is to stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone is different and where we totally accept this when it comes to careers and lifestyle, we are having trouble accepting this in the body department. It might be hard not to compare yourself to others, but I found that focusing on myself, did make me feel more comfortable in my skin.

What are your best body confidence tips?

Love, Meryl

*The bathing suit mentioned in this blogpost was gifted by Hunkemoller in collaboration for this blogpost. All opinions are my own.