The I just graduated crisis & how it’s a real thing!


You graduated, no more exams, no more papers and books you are forced to read, you have been looking forward to this moment for months and it couldn’t arrive quickly enough. But what now?

I’ll admit it I suffer(ed) from a just graduated crisis, and now that more of my friends have also graduated I discovered that it’s a real thing. “The world is at your feet” and “the possibilities are endless”, as everyone likes to tell you all the time, and you realize that you have no idea what you want to do with your life exactly.

Okay the I just graduated crisis didn’t hit me right from the start. because the first thing I wanted to do as soon as I graduated was go on vacation. I enjoyed every moment of this vacation knowing that I had absolutely no schoolwork waiting for me at home, but as soon as the vacation was over, reality hit me. Since studying, is quite expensive and the vacation I just went on wasn’t cheap either I knew that I had to get a job to help me with my finances. Adding the fact that I didn’t want to move back to my parent’s house so money was my first necessity. I had a good education so finding a job wouldn’t be hard, right? Boy was I wrong.

Let’s be honest here, finding a job, as a recent graduate is hard. In many fields the amount of starters jobs are limited and they still expect you to have 5 years of working experience for a junior function. I tried to find a job in the area I wanted but I soon had to acknowledge the fact that finding a job wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought. In the meantime I had found myself a part-time side job, so my financial constraints were at least solved for the moment.

Many people advised me to go and travel, but during my time as a student I already spend a year abroad, so I decided that doing another internship was the way to go for me, to broaden my work experience. So that’s where I am now, still in the crisis but at the moment happy with my internship, and where I will be in half a year or two months? No idea but the posibilites are endless right? I am confident that I will soon find a great job and this crisis will be something I look back at and laugh, and at least my friends and I are all in this crisis together and If you are in this crisis too, well at least you now know that you’re not alone!

p.s. A blogpost on, how to make the most of the I just graduated crisis, will be online soon.

Love, Meryl


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