Motivational podcasts you need to listen to!

Motivational podcasts you need to listen to - ByMeryl

Podcasts don’t get enough credit in my opinion. I personally am a big fan and love listening to them while I work, clean, cook, workout, remove my make-up; basically all the time. I love how they can bring inspiration or fun to your day without taking up any extra time (YES for multitasking). If you are looking for some great motivational podcasts? then please read along. 

Kalyn’s Coffee Talk

A recent discovery, although I already watch Kalyn’s YouTube video’s for quite some time. Kalyn likes to cover deep topics like anxiety and loneliness and switches these up with inspirational “get you shit together” topics. Her weekly podcast are very uplifting and also suited for days when things just don’t go as planned.

At Home With

Is the successful podcast series by Anna Newton (the Anna edit) and Lily Pebbles. In their podcasts Anna and Lily visit bloggers, authors and founders of well-known companies at home to talk about their life, career and their home. They always choose the most inspiring guest and the visiting aspect makes it feel a lot more personal. The second season is now up so there are plenty of episodes to go through.

Motivational podcasts you need to listen to - ByMeryl

The Fringe Of it

Is the weekly podcast by Liv Purvis and Charlotte Jacklin covering various topics ranging from friendship, money, body image and the influencer lifestyle. They are both really down to earth and honest, which is very refreshing. Each podcast also has some casual features like shopping and Netflix that are very entertaining.

Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

Although Girlboss Radio is the most commercialized one out of the bunch, I do really enjoy it. Sophia Amoruso, known as the founder of Nastygal and the author of #Girlboss, talks to inspiring #girlbosses about their career and their definition of success. This podcast will make you want to get up from the coach and into #workmode.

Please send me your favorite motivational podcasts on Instagram! I would love to discover some new ones.

Love, Meryl