How to boost your productivity!

How to boost your productivity - ByMeryl

Over the last year I’ve been really interested in productivity. I feel like most of us are continuously busy but are at the same time not optimizing our time the best way possible. So I tried to boost my productivity by applying certain principles and…. well it worked. Sharing is caring, so today I am sharing these principles with you.

Start with your least favorite task

I know this is not what you want to hear, but leaving your least favorite task till the end of the day, is not the way to go. You won’t be looking forward to the rest of the day, because you know that you still have to do something that you might not enjoy, which makes postponing it to the next day really easy. Although this solves your problem temporarily, it will leave you in exactly the same place the next day. So start with your least favorite task and get it over with. Now you have the whole day to spend on things you like better.

Focus on a single task and set a timer

Some task can take unnecessarily long due to the fact that you don’t like them or other things easily distract you. Cleaning up my desk can for example last an hour, while it should only be 15 minutes if I was being more productive. I therefor force myself to only focus on one task at a time. I even set a timer to help me achieve this goal.  Set the timer for the amount of time you want to spend on a task and use this time to solely work on it. My bets are you will be done as soon as the timer buzzes.

Find your happy workplace

Your location can be a big influence on your productivity level. Discover the place or the right atmosphere that works best for you. Do your prefer to work from home or would your rather work in a coffee shop? Do you like your environment to be quiet or do you like some rumble? I’ve discovered that working in a coffee shop surround by other people that are working, boosts my productivity. So that is exactly where you will find me on days when I’m not at the office.

Flight mode is your best friend

Want to be productive? Then turn your flight mode on and your wifi off. Spending hours on Instagram browsing through your feed for amazing outfits or the newest gossip can be fun, but it won’t help you get things done. Putting your phone away or on flight mode can be an easy productivity booster.

Treat yourself

Done with your to do list? Then don’t forget to treat yourself. Hard work should be rewarded so binge watching your favorite Netflix series is totally acceptable.


How do you like to boost your productivity?


Love, Meryl


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