An interior update with plants

An interior update with plants - ByMeryl

-A little disclaimer this post was written before my move, an update on the move and my life will follow soon.-

If you told me two years ago that my room would be filled with plants, I wouldn’t have believed you. I always assumed that I could not keep them alive and that they would be too much work. I have to admit that I still struggle with the keeping them alive part (my boyfriend wants to buy me the book “how not to kill your plants”) but I do love the fresh feel they bring to a room. So in this post I am sharing my new additions and favorite small houseplants. 

An interior update with plants - ByMerylMy room needed a spring update so I paid a visit to my favorite plant store at the Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam. They always have a big collection with a lot of unique plants at an affordable price. I left the store with a large Monstera and a Ceropegia Woodii also known as The String of Hearts. The two small ones fit perfectly on my shelves and the Monstera has it’s own little spot next to my desk.

I just love the natural and bohemian vibe plants bring to the room and as an added bonus they obviously  clean the air, which results in a better sleeping environment.

An interior update with plants - ByMeryl

An interior update with plants - ByMeryl

If you also want to add some leafy friends to your house here are my 3 current favorites:

  • The Pancake plant; it has a unique and quirky appearance and it works well in almost every room in the house.
  • The String of Hearts; a cute plant that is quite easy to maintain. It’s a hanging plant so it works well on shelves in for example the office or kitchen.
  • The Monstera, a large leafy plant. As soon as the plant gets bigger new leaves will have holes, which give it its distinctive appearance.

What are your favorite houseplants?

Love, Meryl


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  1. June 15, 2018 / 11:54 pm

    De Monstera en de pannekoekenplant staan ook al zo lang op mijn “plantenwenslijstje”, ik stel het kopen alleen nog even uit omdat ook wij een verhuis op de planning hebben staan (en omdat ik gehoord heb dat sommige planten giftig zijn voor katten en ik daar nog onderzoek naar moet doen, haha). De plantjes staan in ieder geval heel mooi in je interieur :)

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