An interior update with plants

An interior update with plants - ByMeryl

-A little disclaimer this post was written before my move, an update on the move and my life will follow soon.-

If you told me two years ago that my room would be filled with plants, I wouldn’t have believed you. I always assumed that I could not keep them alive and that they would be too much work. I have to admit that I still struggle with the keeping them alive part (my boyfriend wants to buy me the book “how not to kill your plants”) but I do love the fresh feel they bring to a room. So in this post I am sharing my new additions and favorite small houseplants. 

An interior update with plants - ByMerylMy room needed a spring update so I paid a visit to my favorite plant store at the Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam. They always have a big collection with a lot of unique plants at an affordable price. I left the store with a large Monstera and a Ceropegia Woodii also known as The String of Hearts. The two small ones fit perfectly on my shelves and the Monstera has it’s own little spot next to my desk.

I just love the natural and bohemian vibe plants bring to the room and as an added bonus they obviously  clean the air, which results in a better sleeping environment.

An interior update with plants - ByMeryl

An interior update with plants - ByMeryl

If you also want to add some leafy friends to your house here are my 3 current favorites:

  • The Pancake plant; it has a unique and quirky appearance and it works well in almost every room in the house.
  • The String of Hearts; a cute plant that is quite easy to maintain. It’s a hanging plant so it works well on shelves in for example the office or kitchen.
  • The Monstera, a large leafy plant. As soon as the plant gets bigger new leaves will have holes, which give it its distinctive appearance.

What are your favorite houseplants?

Love, Meryl


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