A low buy week, can I do it?

a low buy week, can I do it? - ByMeryl

I am writing this post while I’m impatiently waiting for the postman to arrive with my Sweaty Betty sale parcel, which seems contradicting but simultaneously very fitting to this post. The sale has really had a grip on me the last few weeks and my wallet is hurting from it. Time to balance the scale, or in this case my bank account, by trying to keep my spending as low as possible. Let’s start with the money diary of my low buy week.

A little side note before I dive into the money diary, I am not counting our regular household expenses. Also I am celebrating my birthday for my family this week, which might result in some extra expenses. Yes I did not choose the easiest week.


Monday was a regular workday, without any only shopping orders so my spending was limited. The only thing I bought was an Eat Natural bar at the train station and cheese to go on my crackers at the cafeteria at work. This brought my total to €1,94


Tuesday is my day off and the day on which I focus on my household chores and my blog. I prefer to write in a cute coffee shop but I’m trying to limit takeaway coffees so I blogged from home. I did pop into town to return a defect hair clip and finally found the right baking tray for my birthday cake and it was on sale, score! My Sweaty Betty order arrived and I was very pleased with the quality of the items I ordered. Later that night an e-mail notifying me of further reduction convinced me to buy a matching Sweaty Betty sports bra I had been eyeing for a while. The total spending result was €16,90. After two days I am well on track to stay within my max spend of €10 per day.


On Wednesday I had a normal day again, but I forgot to bring a snack so I had to buy one. Not my proudest moment because this was exactly the kind of purchase that I wanted to avoid. After work my boyfriend and I headed for a walk around the neighborhood; the perfect way to not be behind your computer all the time. My grand total was €1,59


Thursday was another office day and it turned out to be a spendy one. I just wasn’t feeling the gluten-free crackers I brought for lunch so I decided to join my colleagues and got some fries for lunch. I was planning on limiting my spending to that but my Shoptagr account notified me that a dress that was on my wish list for the last 3 months went on a sale. The deal (from €120 to €60) was just to good not to pick it up. At night I did some groceries for the party so my grand total was €92,85, oops!


Friday I worked from home but we were out of any healthy food, which resulted in a quick grocery store visit. That evening we baked my birthday cake, which turned out so much better than expected and headed back to the grocery story. Not really a wild Friday night but I still managed to spend €37,75 this day.


On Saturday I hosted an early birthday celebration for my family. I bought all the food the day before, so I did not spend any money. Total day balance €0.


If you ask me nothing beats a relaxed Sunday and that’s exactly what we had. We enjoyed our breakfast, watched Netflix and went for a coffee. A large cappuccino with coconut milk please, because I needed it. The only thing I ended up buying was new micellair water for €7 because I ran out. That evening we went to a local film house. In total I ended up spending €20,50.

My low buy week, how did I do?

My grand spending total this week was €171,53, more than double the amount I wanted to spend. It was quite an unusual week with me spending around 65 euro on birthday party prep and doing more shopping than intended. I like a challenge so instead of a low buy week, I am going for a low buy month in August.

Curious how I’ll do? Me too, but we will find out in August.

Love, Meryl