5 minutes to spare? these tasks will make your life easier

5 minute tasks - ByMeryl

We all have these random 5 minutes. The 5 minutes you spend waiting on public transport, in the checkout line in the grocery store, the 5 minutes waiting for your friends to arrive. I usually spend mine scrolling through my social accounts, which isn’t very helpful, and I bet you do too. Today however I am sharing 5-minute tasks that will actually make your life easier. 

Organizing your planner or schedule

I love to stay organized so I am a big believer in keeping up a planner or bullet journal, but they can be a lot of work. Spending 5 minutes a day to keep penning everything down, easily saves you an hour work at the beginning of the new week

Unsubscribe from mailing lists

How many mailing lists are you subscribed to? And how many do you actually want to read? 5 minutes is the perfect time to unsubscribe from a couple of those irrelevant lists, with the result of a less cluttered mailbox and maybe even more peace of mind.


Call me crazy but I don’t like to clean without a timer. If I don’t set a timer a 15-minute cleaning job can easily take me one hour; I just get distracted too easily. By setting a timer I force myself to focus on the job at hand, and make much more progress. Even if I only have 5 minutes.

Listen to a podcast

Recently I have been really into podcasts. There are many varieties but I especially prefer the girlboss kind. They are entertaining, not to distracting and a great motivation. What more could you want?

So here you go, a list of 5-minute tasks that can either save you time or educate and motivate you.
Do you like to work with 5-minute tasks? Or do you prefer to swipe your Insta feed? Let me know!

Love, Meryl


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