Favorite corners in our home

favorite corners in our home - ByMeryl

It’s been about a year since I moved to Utrecht into my first real apartment. It was the perfect opportunity for my Pinterest boards to come to live and to flood my blog with interior post. At least that’s what I thought. I fell into the trap of thinking you can decorate a home in about two months, where in reality we are still working on it. I do think that taking a bit more time, worked out so much better for us. Instead of impulse buying, we bought items that we really liked and I love our place so much. A good reason to share some of my favorite corners in our home, while we are waiting for the final items to arrive.

favorite corners in our home - ByMery
favorite corners in our home - ByMery

We love the Scandinavian home trend but with a bit of a bohemian, Californian touch. We also really enjoy plants in our interior to make the space feel alive. My go to places for home related items are the H&M home, Loods 5 and the Sissy-Boy. Although we have also incorporated some prints from Desenio and a bunch of plants from our favorite plant shop Rood & Bloem. My Crosley record player isn’t just useful I also love how they instantly improve any space and there is just something so cosy about playing old records on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

favorite corners in our home - ByMery

If you have any questions where specific items are from, feel free to send me a DM on Instagram.

What are your favorite items in your house?

Love, Meryl