Florals for Spring? (my spring fashion wishlist)

Spring wishlist - ByMeryl

There is no season that excites me as much on the clothing front as spring. Don’t get me wrong I love a comfy sweater, but as soon as February rolls around, I am so done with the cold that I can’t wait for spring. I did a quick browse in the shops and made a spring wishlist of all the items I will need in my closet. Will this finally be the season I start my capsule wardrobe? We’ll see.

Platform sneakers

Platform sneakers are one of those items that I didn’t like at first, but recently started to appreciate so much that I wanted a pair myself. I’ve had my eyes on the white Superga mid soles for a while so I bought them last week. They are the perfect comfy yet feminine sneakers and I just love strolling around in them.

A suit

Colorful suits are everywhere, really everywhere, this season and I love it. They brighten up your wardrobe and make suits also suitable (see what I did there..) for casual days. Now the only thing I need to decide is what color to get. Any recommendations?

Crochet shirt

A white or cream crochet shirt was also on my wishlist. They are a perfect transition item because they work for early spring under a blazer but are also perfect for summer with shorts. I found this adorable shirt at the Zara and loved the ruffles and the collar on it. Plus it has the cutest sleeves.

Spring wishlist - ByMeryl

Straw bag(s)

If you follow me on Instagram you might know that I already own not one, but two straw bags. Last summer in Bali, I bought one of the round straw bags that you see everywhere on Instagram. I recently extended the collection with this black structured Zara one, but I want another one. They are just too cute and they immediately give your outfit a “walk in the sunshine” kind of vibe and who doesn’t want that? I am now on the lookout for a bigger one that also functions as a beach bag.

What is on your spring wishlist? I would love it if you could leave your favorite items in the comments!

Love, Meryl


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  1. June 12, 2018 / 11:39 am

    Nice wishlist!

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