In my spring wardrobe: sustainable Veja sneakers

Veja sneakers - ByMeryl

Sneakers don’t really excite me. I know there are many sneakers addicts but I am just not the person to stand in line for the drop of a new sneaker collection, I prefer boots or sandals. In January however I found myself drawn to the simple design of Veja sneakers and when I found out how sustainable they were, I decided that these sneakers would be a new addition to my spring wardrobe.

Veja sneakers - ByMeryl

Veja offers a wide variety of sneakers. Their sneakers range from leather pairs, to organic cotton or even vegan pairs. On their website you can find the exact materials they used for each pair. They are also really open about their sourcing process and their vision on sustainability.

I personally had a hard time choosing between the Campo model, with the neutral v and a slight platform, and the Esplar model with the black V. In the end I went for the neutral pair, which was also the winner of my Instagram poll. I picked them up right before our trip to Curacao because sneakers are just a travel essential for me. It turned out that these sneakers don’t only look cute and are less harmful for they environment; they are also extremely comfy. I am even debating getting a pair of the vegan organic cotton Wata’s for my summer roadtrip. Let’s see if these will indeed be a part of my summer wardrobe.

What are your favorite sneakers at the moment?

Love, Meryl

P.S. this post is not sponsored, I just love these sneakers and Veja as a brand in general.