Fast fashion; tips to make more sustainable fashion choices

sustainable fashion - ByMeryl

Fast fashion has been a hot topic recently. The rate at which we go through clothes seems to be taking a toll on the environment. Now I am not claiming to be an expert on environmental problems nor do I claim to live my life as green as possible and yes I love fashion and buying new clothes. I do however have been trying to make more sustainable fashion choices on my shopping sprees. With these three simple tips I try to make a difference and so can you!

Choose natural fabrics

The first blogger that made me aware of my fabric choices was Emma Hill. Before her videos I never considered whether I bought natural fabrics like cotton, wool and viscose (although this is partly man-made) or man-made fabrics like polyester. Now however I tend to stick to the natural ones or to items that consist at least for 50% of natural fabrics. So which stores should you visit? Many stores have items made of natural fabrics but at the Mango you can find a wide viariety, without hurting your wallet. I was also pleasantly surprised that the new loungewear collection at Oysho consisted mainly out of organic cotton.


Getting rid of some items? Make sure to recycle them. Many stores like H&M, Zara and & Other Stories have recycle boxes in their store. Some of them even made recycling a part of their reward program. I personally always bring my old clothes to the & Other Stories. Here you receive a 10%-off voucher for your next purchase, whenever you hand in a bag of old fabrics (even towels, bedding and destroyed clothes can be handed in). The perfect win-win situation!

One in, one out method

I tend to stick to the one in, one out method when it comes to shopping. Meaning that whenever I am about to buy something, I have to think of an item currently in my closet, that I am willing to give up for the new one. Although it does not limit my shopping completely, it does make me more aware of my shopping habits and all the good items I already own.

Are you also trying to make more sustainable fashion choices? I would love to know your tips!

Love, Meryl