New in beauty: Eye Colour Creams by & Other Stories

eye colour cream - ByMeryl

A couple weeks ago a new & Othter Stories newsletter popped-up in my mailbox featuring the launch of their new make-up products. Now I don’t tend to read newsletters but my commute to work and the stunning artwork won me over. I watched a tutorial with the new eye colour creams and was seriously impressed. Later that week I was in a treat yourself kind of mood and decided to pick up two of the three new eye colour creams.

eye colour cream - ByMeryl

The collection features a nude shade, a pinky/brown shade and a gorgeous khaki shade. I loved all of them but the nude shade called Opal Utopia and the pinky/brown shade called Midnight Dahlia suited my make-up style better. These eye creams have a creamy consistency, as to be expected, and a shimmery finish. I apply them with my fingers and they blend perfectly without creasing, yes please. I forgot about creamy eyeshadows for a while, but these eye colour creams have rekindled my love for them. Due to their neutral shades and the easy way to apply them, they made it into my everyday make-up bag.

At €12 each, they aren’t the cheapest product but also not that expensive. I used my 10% off voucher I received for recycling my clothes at the & Other Stories. An added bonus is that you can recycle & Other Stories beauty packages. You get a 10% off voucher for every empty beauty item you hand in.

Love, Meryl