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And then you have celiac disease - ByMeryl

Hey there!

Welcome to  my blog, By Meryl.

I am Meryl, the girl behind this blog, but you probably guessed that due to the name. I am a 27 year old small town girl who lived in many places in my twenties. I have lived in Maastricht, Rome, Nijmegen, in a small town in the USA and Amsterdam and I am currently living in my first apartment together with my boyfriend in Utrecht. I graduated with my Masters degree in Business and I am working in the online marketing/ social media field.

I love blogging, traveling, talking for hours with my friends, fashion, beauty, Instagram, going for brunch, handbags, old books and cappuccinos and life without my Netflix account would also be challenging.
My blog is a reflection of me so here you can find everything from personal stories, fashion outfits, home decor inspiration, sustainable living posts, travel diaries, beauty product reviews, posts about celiac disease and more.

I have a slight social media obsession, so you can find me on almost all of them. I might spend a little too much time looking at new travel destinations on Instagram every day, so if you want to reach me fast, Instagram is the way to go.

I hope to talk to you soon

Love, Meryl

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