25 before 25 update Remember about half a year ago, when I share a list of 25 items that I hoped to achieve before I was 25? Well in a little under 6 months I will turn 25, so a little update (and a little reminder to myself) was in order. So how far have I gotten on my list in the past 6/7 months? View Post

5 tips for a stress-free early morning, relaxt, morning person

Let’s start this post by telling you that I am, in no way, a morning person. But throughout the years of getting up early for school or work, I have developed some useful routines that make my morning more manageable. Today I am sharing my 5 tips for a stress-free early morning.

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Bymeryl meryl amsteram picture update about me

Well it has been a while, hasn’t it? Now I am never one to stick to a daily posting schedule, but this time the gap has been quite large. So I figured it’s about time for a little update.

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I really enjoy the new fall trends and the fall clothing most of my favorite stores came out with. So I couldn’t resist myself and bought way too many new items, which I obviously had to share with you since sharing what you buy, is half the fun. I hope you enjoy the video! View Post

Outfit by bymeryl.com

Bye Bye sandals, bare legs and sunglasses, fall is officially here but in honor of my favorite season, I still wanted to make one summery outfit post, with my favorite look that I wore on those last sunny days. View Post