Florals for Spring? (my spring fashion wishlist)

Spring wishlist - ByMeryl

There is no season that excites me as much on the clothing front as spring. Don’t get me wrong I love a comfy sweater, but as soon as February rolls around, I am so done with the cold that I can’t wait for spring. I did a quick browse in the shops and made a spring wishlist of all the items I will need in my closet. Will this finally be the season I start my capsule wardrobe? We’ll see. View Post

5 minutes to spare? these tasks will make your life easier

5 minute tasks - ByMeryl

We all have these random 5 minutes. The 5 minutes you spend waiting on public transport, in the checkout line in the grocery store, the 5 minutes waiting for your friends to arrive. I usually spend mine scrolling through my social accounts, which isn’t very helpful, and I bet you do too. Today however I am sharing 5-minute tasks that will actually make your life easier.  View Post

A hair change for a personal change

a hair change for a personal change - ByMeryl

I changed my hair! I actually changed my hair quite drastically compared to my usual just trimming the ends kind of haircuts. I went through a personal change and suddenly I also felt like a hair change. Let me tell you more.  View Post

Stripes for the new season

Stripes for the new season - ByMeryl

The spring collection is making its appearance in the Zara, which resulted in a quick browse and a large shopping bag filled with new items. This outfit features two of my new purchases and current loves, stripes and basket bags.  View Post

Hello 2018 (my goals for 2018)

goals for 2018 - ByMerylHello 2018, I am glad you’re here because to be quite honest, I didn’t really like your predecessor. I am not a resolutions kind of girl, but I do love me some goals. Who still remembers my monthly goals posts? Needless to say, I could not pass up on this great opportunity to set myself some new goals for 2018. View Post