The Copenhagen guide - ByMerylWhen my boyfriend and I were planning our first weekend getaway last March, we were looking for a destination where neither of us had been before. Since we are both into the Scandinavian style and had Stockholm and Copenhagen on our travel list, we knew it had to be one of these destinations. So in April we went to Copenhagen for the weekend and today I am finally sharing my travel tips. View Post


In today’s video I am giving you a sneak peek into my closet. I filmed a full closet tour and I am also sharing some of my favorite clothing items. I hope you enjoy the video! View Post


I am quite lazy when it comes to my daily makeup. My bed is just too comfy and snoozing too easy, to have an elaborate makeup routine. Even though I like to keep my makeup simple and minimalistic, there are 5 products that I usually apply during my commute to work.  View Post

real-time haul

I went shopping and took you with me for a real-time haul. I am not only showing you the items that I picked up  but also the items that didn’t make the cut. I hope you enjoy the video! View Post

My favorite Kiehl's products that keep my skin moisturized - ByMeryl

Make up used to be my favorite in the beauty category, but skincare has taken its place. As I am getting older, looking after my skin has become more of a priority. Although I’ve always been blessed with clear skin, it is sensitive and does get very dry. So today I am sharing my favorite Kiehl’s products that keep my skin moisturized.  View Post